[framework] Metasploit taking forever to update

Jeffs jeffs at speakeasy.net
Sat Oct 16 18:52:21 CDT 2010

  Can't find a way to calculate the sha1 fingerprint to verify 
integrity.  Only have md5sum on my machine.

On 10/16/2010 7:39 PM, Tasos Laskos wrote:
>  On 17/10/10 00:36, Jeffs wrote:
>>  Hello All,
>> Is it typical after doing a fresh install of metasploit on Ubuntu 
>> that it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to update to the lastest and greatest?  
>> When running the .run file I am asked if I want to update to the 
>> latest and it is taking like over an hour to update files.
>> I remember it used to do this really, really fast....
>> Perhaps there is some cache issue with my machine?
>> Any help much appreciated
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> I had the same problem while doing an "svn update" for the first time 
> after a checkout.
> It took a very long time to update.
> - Tasos L.

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